COVID-19 Support

Kent Manufacturing is proud to support front line healthcare workers in their fight of the COVID-19 virus and elsewhere. Leveraging our experience as a converter in the medical field, we have partnered with best-in-class raw material suppliers to offer several face shield designs to choose from. Forehead foam strips are a lower cost gray open-cell foam widely used currently, and a new biocompatible medical grade foam that is latex-free, hydrophyllic and non-swelling. For attachment, choose from an elastic band or a Hook and Loop option that can be adjusted for comfort and reduce pressure provided by elastic bands during long-term wear.

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Kent's fabricating expertise, coupled with our extensive inventory of unique substrates, provides our customers with a single superior source for converting materials into pre-cut custom shapes and sizes.

With our capability to innovate designs using our customized machinery and unique processes for laminating, die-cutting, and slitting we are committed to producing parts that meet each customer’s precise specifications.